About Us


Launched in 2009, Peggy was founded in Melbourne by fashion executive and mum Simone Ryan. Peggy bloomed from a desire to inject the baby and kidswear market with timeless, fun and treasured pieces redolent of childhoods in the 70s and 80s.  Designed to be handed down, each piece and its adventures and stories can continue from child to child, beyond the size on the tag. With vast industry experience, Peggy has evolved as a brand that people have grown to know, with pieces to cherish and pass on. After countless collabs with fellow artists and brands, fast forward 13 years, and the Peggy tribe has expanded beyond our shores with a global following. The whimsy and durability of Peggy pieces have made their way into the hearts, minds and memories of many a Peggy Person, both big and small. 

Peggy People 

Hey I’m Simi, I live on the Mornington Peninsula with my husband and two kids, Finn and Chilli, and our two Groodles, Bear and Teddy. I have been in fashion for 20 years as a buyer, executive and agent, all of  which taught me the foundations for running Peggy. I love travel, food, music and yoga, and manage to weave all of them into my work and my life. It’s incredible to work with gorgeous friends and family and to meet many other people in our Peggy world and I’m so lucky to love what I do, designing and creating beautiful pieces for little people to treasure and enjoy.

Hey there, I’m Sophie and I live on the Mornington Peninsula with    my husband and two little ones, Felix who is four, and Edie who is two, plus our very-big-wonder-dog Molly. I have watched my sister Simi from afar, admiring how she managed Peggy with aplomb, and have enjoyed every second I’ve worked with her over the last few years.  It’s amazing to be able to work with family in a creative and supportive environment, and my little Edie just loves being chief product tester! In my former, pre-Peggy life, I worked in the not-for-profit sector, and also as a chef. I’m very happy to have landed here at Peggy Headquarters with our awesome team. (Sophie handles all things orders, customer service, content creator and the person who keeps Simi sane).


Hi I’m Nicole, mum of two beautiful kids, Vann, 6, and Della, 2. My partner Brett and I live on the gorgeous surf coast in Victoria.  I’m a coffee & yoga lover.  We spend all our free time by the beach, swimming, surfing and exploring this beautiful part of the world. I work from home whilst doing the daily juggle/two-step/waltz or whatever you want to call it;  so when the kids sleep, I work, and wouldn’t change a thing as I love what I do! I have worked with Peggy for almost 6 years now (minus a break when I had my daughter Della) and I just love everything about it! (Nicole does all things marketing/website/content creator).