Prints by Betsy Petersen

Prints by Betsy Petersen

We talk to the very talented artist and illustrator Betsy Petersen who designed our "Sunflower" and "Cherry" prints...

Creating a perfect combination of art that both kids and adults love, Betsy designs products and original artwork that people enjoy for a lifetime. Betsy has collaborated with Madewell, West Elm, Lovevery, Papyrus, Minnetonka Moccasins, Chatbooks, Nugget Play Couches, Alice & Ames, Childhoods Clothing, Tubby Todd, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Bravery Magazine, Wunderkin Co. and more.

Betsy is co-founder and artist at Brighter Fun, a children’s learning product company. In addition to creating and launching products there, she has also teamed with Bala Kids Publishing to illustrate 3 children’s books, distributed by Penguin-Random House.

When she's not painting, Betsy enjoys playing tennis, listening to podcasts, and making cookies. She and her partner, Brad, live in Northern Michigan with their two fun kids, and a fluffy dog and a sleepy cat. ♥

Can you tell us what projects you are working on at the moment?  Especially the murals!!!!
I recently finished illustrating a children's book - coming out in April! It was so fun to create the magical inner world of the main character, and I can't wait for it to come out! I also recently painted a few murals in my house that we moved into less than a year ago. Just trying to add some fun everywhere I go! 
And what the inspiration was behind the "Sunflower" print you did for us?
While dreaming up a playful and bright print for Peggy, I wanted to make
something that gave an overall feeling of whimsy, but up close, it contains so many unique and special flowers. The pieces at Peggy are the same way - overall they feel so free and fun, and up close you get to see all of the thought and detail included in every ruffle, seam, or button. 

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