Mother's Day Interview with Simone South

Mother's Day Interview with Simone South

We interview the amazing Simone South from Little Seaside Stories for Mother's Day....  Incredibly talented photographer, primary school teacher and amazing Mama to her three girls.  

Simone has been behind a beautiful collaborative effort with her girls and some pieces from our Winter collection to come up with some truly stunning images capturing pure love between sisters and the very beautiful Gippsland Lakes in Victoria.  Check her out on instagram @little_seaside_stories

You have three beautiful daughters - Millie, Hattie and Maggie (I don't think you could any cuter names) tell me a little bit about them? Are they three peas in a pod or do they all have their unique personalities?

Thank you, we love our girls names and they suit each of them perfectly. Millie our eldest is kind, curious and thoughtful. She is always thinking and takes delight with making others feel good. Hattie our middle daughter is cheeky and full of life. She always makes us laugh and gives the best cuddles. She is also very nurturing and a logical thinker. Her and Millie are quite opposite in personalities but they adore each other and their traits seem to balance each other out. Now we have little Maggie in the family mix as well and at six months of age her personality is starting to shine. She is a chatterbox but can then also be quiet just taking everything in. I suspect she is going to be the cheekiest of the three and I’m a bit worried about the temper she has been displaying! She loves her big sisters though and I can’t wait to see how the dynamic and love between them all changes and grows. 


You've recently made the city to country coastal move, has that been something you've always dreamed? 

My husband and I had always dreamt of living by the water but had not necessarily planned on returning to the area where we grew up. However, once we had children the idea of having more space and being closer to family started to appeal to us so we decided to make the move before our eldest started school. It took me a while to fully settle in and I still miss aspects of city life such as friends and the shopping but we definitely don’t have any regrets with the move. 


Since relocating what has been the most positive change for your and your family? 

Definitely having more outdoors space to enjoy and recreational activities to do as well as being able to spend more time with extended family. Even though life is now more busy than ever, we find that being in the country allows more chance to breathe and be out in nature. We love being able to take weekend road trips and explore new places. 

With three girls and working you're obviously very busy but when you get some time to yourself what do you most enjoy doing? Have you found any hidden gems in the country we should know about? 

Getting out for a walk by the water is one of my favourite things to do. We live in the Gippsland Lakes area so there are plenty of beautiful beach walks along Ninety mile beach or along the lakes. If you’re lucky you can even see dolphins some days while on your walk! I also love to head to one of our local beaches in the warmer months and read a book or take a swim. Hidden gems would be exploring the beautiful Cape Conran Coastal Park, visiting the Buchan caves reserve during autumn, walking the entrance walk in Lakes Entrance and eating out at one of the excellent cafes, pubs, wineries or restaurants in Metung, Lakes Entrance and surrounds. My cup is always full if I can head out for some laughs and a delicious meal with friends.

You recently shot our PEGGY range, what was your favourite outfit? Do your girls have any favourite pieces? 

Shooting the new range was so fun with the girls. I love shooting clothing with intricate details and different textures so the Rimini tops with their beautiful detailing and floral embroidery paired with the soft tulle of the Harper skirt was my favourite outfit. The girls love wearing pinafores during the winter months as they can wear tights and boots and cardigans with them so their favourite is the Cleo pinafore with one of the Henley tops underneath. 


Winter in the country will be a little different to being in the city, what do you think your favourite thing to do with your family will be in the colder months? 

We still make sure we get outside in the winter months and love to rug up in our coats and beanies, spending time exploring on the beach or going on bush walks. At home we enjoy spending time by the warmth of the fire, having weekend family movie or game nights or we light the fire pit outside and roast marshmallows, listen to music and have family dance parties.
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