Meet our Stockists: HIKPIN

Meet our Stockists: HIKPIN

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Hipkin?


In a nutshell, Hipkin is an online boutique children’s store that aims to deliver an authentic style and personable customer service.  We know our regular customers by name and we are honored to be supported by a gorgeous social media community.


Hipkin is a family owned and operated entity. Chances are nine times out of ten, I am the one packing your order, answering your questions, posting on social media, curating the website, the list goes on…


You will often see my kids and the kids of our virtual community modeling our clothing and expressing our individual styles on our social pages. It’s a fun and creative outlet for all involved.


What are your favourite Australian brands and what do you love to style together?


At the moment I am loving pretty, feminine pieces put together with street edge accents for example, for the girls the Peggy’s Sofia shirt with Goldie + Ace ‘mom’ jeans.


For the boys it's Minti and Munster all the way…you can’t go past a pair of Minti trackies with a Munster flannel!


And I am loving where Kip & Co are heading with they’re popping pieces!


What does your average day look like at the moment in light of isolation?


Its super busy. I generally try and exercise first thing, followed by time with my three kids.  Keeping Fox off screens and encouraging activities that the kids can do together.  I think supporting independent play is important for all of our sanities.  I devote some time to Hipkin every day and then, depending on my roster it’s off to the Hospital where I split my time between ICU nursing and Hospital co-ordinating.  Lars (my husband) is currently working from home and is packing hipin orders etc to help out.

What are your favourite activities to do with the kids?


At the moment getting out and walking down to our local beach is vital. Velvet is turning 5 on Sunday so Dulcie and I are very busy planning a virtual party.  Family dinners, making Lego and board games (can’t recommend monopoly deal more highly) are big favourites.  Bedtime stories are the best! Knowing that my kids are tucked in feeling safe a secure about themselves and they’re world makes me feel relaxed and like I have achieved something.


Immunity food:


Chicken and vegetable soup! The best cure all!



Time for myself is essential… the beach has become my outdoor gym.  I have a collection of rocks I use as weights. Improvising and being flexible is essential to keeping the routine rolling and fluid.


You can shop the new collection online at alongside some of the best kids brands on the planet!

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