Interview and shoot with Sarah Domantay

Interview and shoot with Sarah Domantay

You take the most dreamy photos, tell us about your photography background…. 

Thank you for that lovely comment, my parents were wedding photographers in England so it’s always been something I’ve been around since I was born.  My daughter Willa loves having her picture taken so it made sense for me to give it a go! I work closely with amazing photographers who have taught me a lot about angles and making sure you don’t chop the feet off also! For my style it’s all about what is in the background; as little distraction as possible makes for a gorgeous focus. A small basket held, touching a flower or looking away from the camera sometimes captures the softest moments.  

How do you choose your locations and what’s your favourite place to shoot?

I take each project that I get asked to do, so I will spend hours to make sure every detail is covered to suit that brand style/ season and audience. I choose the location based on what message the brand wants to portray. For a natural ethical practice brand I would do something with nature to show the pureness, compared to a street brand who would stand out on a hard tougher surface such as a grey polished cement floor and walls. For my favourite place to shoot I would choose something at sunset on a beach with a beautiful horse, something about a little child with an amazing creature is very special.   

You guys were always jetting off to magical destinations, tell us a little about your favourite place, and where you will visit first after everything is opened up again?

Yes we love our adventures and that passion has been passed to Willa. We got married in the Philippines on a little island called Boracay so this will always hold a special part of my heart. In fact,  this is where we photographed the swimwear as well last year for Peggy. Once the travel ban is lifted we will be heading to America as a certain little girl has been saving her modelling money for a doll!

In the meantime, with all the travel bans in place at the moment, how are you being creative about “getting away” either locally or in your back garden?

 Oh we are super excited to head out locally and drive interstate to another adventure. Last time we did this we ended up in outback SA. We stayed in an amazing eco villa  the middle of nowhere and could hear and see all the native animals coming out to play when the sun went down. In the meantime a fun cubby house hack is going to take place!

What are your favourite pieces (or should we say Willa’s) from the Winter collection? And what has she loved most about staying at home?

Honestly you can’t go wrong with any piece I really like how the pieces are bright but never seem to be too in your face but always recognisable as being ‘ Peggy.“ For me I chose the Adriana Raincoat in soft mustard Leopard, perfect for the Melbourne weather due to being light enough to pack in a bag but really warm on still. For Willa she chose the harper skirt in coral which I think she would sleep in if I let her. She has looked forward to being able to wear her pretty clothes, which before, were kept only for Sunday best. Now we know to wear these first. Life is too short to not feel fabulous everyday!


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