Interview with Laura Helle of Siida Pics

Interview with Laura Helle of Siida Pics

You have done some beautiful shoots for Peggy, the latest because of lockdown in Victoria for our Winter 21 collection, plus some amazing images of our current Summer 20 Collection.....



Can you tell us a little bit about how that went for the days you shot, the process, possibly the meltdowns (if any!!) etc?


I think the only way to get through any shoot without getting too overwhelmed is to stay super organised! I went over the brief, the individual pieces of clothing, the models, the fitting, the garden set-up and the timing/light probably a dozen times each, before settling and committing to all of it. I think that's how we managed to get a really smooth and cohesive shoot, in a very small veggie patch plus I think we also managed to make it a fun experience for the kids. Admittedly, I was very lucky with the beautiful children who came through and patiently got changed in and out of clothing 5-6 times without a single meltdown across the entire shoot (ok, well maybe there was one or two from my littlest darling - but all the other models were amazingly calm and patient)


Your beautiful garden features in our Winter shoot, are you an avid gardener with your girls?


I have had an interest in permaculture and productive food gardens for a really long time, and now that we own our plot here in Hobart, that passion has deepened and I now feel it's my meditation space. I really want the kids to feel connected to nature and to the food we eat, and even if they're not actively gardening next to me each day, they're learning so much because I'm constantly talking (blabbering) about it. They can I.D. a lot of different plants now, and Aila has her own pansy/spinach patch - it's super cute. I really hope it's something they carry with them into their future.

Where have you shot the Summer images for us in Tasmania?  So many beautiful beach images, can you tell us some more about that?  Hopefully we can visit soon!

The summer images were shot at Taroona Beach, about 10km from Hobart CBD. Tassie has a really spectacular coastline - there is so much to explore. I highly recommend doing a beach crawl around Tasmania. You'll have zero regrets. Just bring a wetsuit.

What is your background, have you always done photography?

No! My background was originally in science. I think, like many young adults, I went down the academic path because I wanted to please my parents, but it never really was something I felt a passion for. After uni we went on a trip to Africa, and I took my brother's camera with me. On our return I was really surprised with the photos that I took while there and I think a spark was ignited in that moment. Then once I had my first baby, well, the camera rarely went back in it's bag after that!

What were the girls favourite pieces from the Summer collection? 

Aila definitely fell in love with the Posy Print Sky Dress - she adored the crossover front and the pretty floral print. Freja has been a COVID toddler, and therefore has seen nothing but pyjamas for most of her life! She was mystified by the lack of zips when I put her in the Catherine Playsuit, and also by my reaction when I saw her looking all dressed up like a little doll (albeit with nowhere to go!) 

Anything else you want to add? 

I remember many many moons ago I stopped a mum in a park in Brisbane and had to know where her little girl's dress was from. That was how I was introduced to Peggy - and I've loved their designs since. I can't believe I have now shot their collection!


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