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Posted on June 08 2010

I am behind Melbourne's childrens and accessories boutique agency, ‘Simone'. Motivated by trips to my favorite island, Bali, to be involved with the cute and quirky Littlehorn, the company has grown to include edgy brands from Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, New York and Indonesia.

As I am exposed to some beautiful, cool, pretty and different pieces, and have two gorgeous models, Finn and Chilli-Belle in which to channel my inner child, I thought I would start this blog... I guess it will be a bit of everything, like a fashion blog, but for small people...  Outfits I love, children who have style, pieces I find, articles of interest, and it sometimes might include some info for us sellers, designers/developers, because this little creative world we live in can sometimes be tough!

Stay tuned.

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