Yoga with Georgia!

Yoga with Georgia!

Meet: Georgia

Yoga Instructor, Mum of 2 | @yogawithgeorgia

We are super excited to bring you some breathing exercises and yoga poses from "Yoga with Georgia" (link - and her gorgeous daughter Isla.  You can do this at home with the kids when things are getting a little crazy with home schooling and isolation, and you just need to bring it all backdown….
All you need is your favourite toy, some giggles, a bit of balance and be ready for the best pose of all “hugasana”!
Check out the cutest video over on our Insta TV channel here…. 
If you need some adult zen, Georgia is also offering live yoga classes every morning on Facebook - link to this is here….
See below for our interview with Georgia and some tips on chilling out in the madness….

Tell us a little bit about yourself….
I'm a Mum of 2 cheeky kids; Isla- 4 and Johnny- 22 months. They are my greatest teachers of presence, patience and love. I have practiced Yoga for 15 years and feel so grateful and privileged that I get to share this life-changing practice as my 'job.' 

What inspired your love of yoga?

I first came across it when a Yoga teacher subbed for our P.E. class at school At the time I was at ballet training 5 times a week and whilst I was quite physically aware, the very perfectionist nature of this type of movement always left me feeling self-conscious and unfulfilled. Yoga opened up a whole new dimension of spiritual, mental and energetic awareness for me which has supported me through Motherhood, growing my business and the challenges of everyday life.


Now that you can’t teach in a studio, what are you doing on-line to keep teaching?

I have created an Online Yoga Community where I film daily live Yoga classes, I am posting daily content on my social media which I hope is relevant and constructive and I am looking at shifting segments of my Yoga Teacher Training Course online.


What does an average day look like for you now?  Any tips to entertain the kids now that they home full-time?

The average day usually consist of being woken by my 22 month old alarm clock around 6.30am. Since I've started teaching live classes at 9am I use these few hours to make the kids breaky, get them dressed and get 'in the zone' to teach. Then it's everyone (including the dog) out of the house for a walk so I can teach without background noise! 

Once I'm done teaching, I'm deep in the trenches of Mum life- making snacks, playing 'Mums and Dads' and negotiating everything with my very savvy 4 year old. We're lucky to live on a big block so I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible to soak up the Vitamin D (and reduce the mess inside!)

Mum work / life balance – what does it look like for you?

It's something I'm still working out and am definitely not perfect at... But something I've done this year which has really made a big difference is dedicate specific days to work and specific days to the kids. This way I can just smash through my work guilt free and be super productive and then on the days I'm with the kids I can be with them 100% without half answering an email or being on my phone. It's a 'practice' not a 'perfect' though and it's always a balancing act. Having kids has helped me have a lot more clarity on what my 'YES's and 'NO's are in life. The things that are so important to me I can justify leaving my family for and also what things I can graciously choose to let go of. 


What / who inspires you?  

I'd have to say my Yoga students. They are so passionate, so dedicated and so grateful for the teachings I impart. Knowing the powerful ripple effect that this has just makes me super inspired to get up in the morning and teach more! 



Favourite quote to keep positive?

"Nothing is so pressing that it can't wait for a single moment of breath" -TKV Desikachar. I always remind myself of this when I'm feeling rushed or overwhelmed, be in this moment and simply take a breath, you have time. 


We absolutely love Georgia's yoga classes and she has been ever so lovely to sent us over a little practice for us and the kids to practice mindfulness, breathing and relaxing whilst being at home.... as we all know being cooped up inside with kids tests everyone's patience! 

You can check out the video over on our Instagram TV channel here and check out some comfy loungewear for home, which is also great for yoga to!


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